Organic Cassava Flour (Yucca) 100% Gluten Free 350G

$8.95 CAD

Cassava flour (Yucca)
Made from cassava from Organic Farming

Ingredients: Cassava - 100% of ingredients of agricultural origin come from organic farming.
Nutritional analysis (per 100 g):
Energy (1700 kj / 502 kcal)
Fat (0.8 g)
saturated fatty acids (0.3g)
carbohydrates (71.9 g)
sugars (1.2 g)
dietary fiber (17 g)
protein (4.2 g)
salt <(0.03 g)
Naturally gluten-free
Conditioning: 350 g

Use in the kitchen
You can cook it in a thousand and one ways ... without ever finding recipes!

Its protein content is of great nutritional value essential for the growth and development of children and adults.

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