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100% Natural Moringa Leaf Powder - Superfood Powder for Strengthen Immune System - Gluten-free Moringa Powder Which is Perfect Dietary Supplement for Boosting Memory- Rich in Vitamins, Calcium, Protein & Potassium Helps in Better Mood and Energy-150g

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Our moringa leaf powder begins first with the selection of young leaves in our field then we rinse it in a tank to remove the dust then put it in our dehydration chamber to be dried for 36 hours. Our...
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Our moringa leaf powder begins first with the selection of young leaves in our field then we rinse it in a tank to remove the dust then put it in our dehydration chamber to be dried for 36 hours. Our employees manually prepare it for grinding. I guarantee that you will have the superior quality of our production.

As you probably already know moringa in powder form is a powerful superfood, it contains all the nutrients your body needs.

vitamin A
vitamin B1 (thiamine)
B2 (riboflavin)
B3 (niacin), B-6
folate and ascorbic acid (vitamin C)

Also the acids which are also essential:

Amino Acids: In addition, it contains various other nutrients, including the following essential amino acids:

Threonine - a nutrient that helps metabolism and prevent fatty build up in the liver. It also aids digestion.

Isoleucine - good for a healthy brain and helps to give the body natural energy.

Leucine - works hand in hand with isoleucine to increase energy levels.

Phenylalanine - aids communication between the brain’s nerve cells and also helps to reduce hunger pangs as well as increasing alertness and improving memory.

Tryptophan - supports your immune system, and its mood boosting ability helps to beat depression and anxiety-associated insomnia.

Lysine - aids the absorption of calcium into the bones, supports antibodies and regulates various hormones as well as inhibiting the growth of virus cells.

Methionine - provides the body with sulfur as well as helping to lower cholesterol. It also supports the liver, kidneys, and helps keep skin, hair and nails healthy.

Valine - helps to keep the mind calm.

You also need the minerals to complete the whole:


STRENGTHEN YOUR IMMUNITY: By including this Superfood Powder in your daily meal, you can increase and strengthen your body’s immune system. The antimicrobial properties can act as a cancer fighter and reduce symptoms of diabetes while supporting brain health and healthy liver function and protection It may also be effective in lowering cholesterol levels.

BOOST NATURAL ENERGY LEVELS: Each scoop of this powder contains a variety of nutrients that are essential to the body, including vitamins A and C, calcium, potassium, and protein. These nutrients come together to provide energy without anxious or jittery feelings, which is an improvement compared to caffeine. It can also contribute to a positive mood and sharpen your mental focus.

NATURAL BODY CLEANSE: This nature’s medicine contains 8 different amino acids, along with other easily absorbed nutrients. This natural formula has powerful anti-inflammatory qualities that can flush out the excess acids and rid your body from heavy metal toxins. This can improve your overall quality of health, vitality, and wellbeing.

100% ORGANIC & NATURAL: Each leaf is hand-picked and hand-harvested in our organic farms. This powder is gluten-free and does not contain any GMOs. It does not contain artificial fillers, binders, preservatives, or any harmful ingredients. Simply mix a scoop or two in your smoothie, shake, or salad to easily integrate this superfood in your daily meal.

POSITIVITY WITH EACH PURCHASE: The Superfood Moringa Leaf Powder aims to bring greater prosperity to the lives of the locals as well as promote a healthy lifestyle across the globe.