• A NEW HEALTHY FLOUR ALTERNATIVE: A perfect nutritious pancake & waffle alternative for all recipes.  A great addition to any lifestyle.  This product is All-Natural, Gluten-Free, High Fiber (60%) and an Excellent Source of Potassium. It is Non-GMO, Vegan, Paleo-friendly, with NO ADDED sugar, salt or preservatives. 
  • AN EXOTIC AND HEALTHY CARIBBEAN SUPERFOOD: Tropical pure breadfruit make excellent flour products. As a superfood, Breadfruit is a great source of antioxidants, calcium, plant based fiber, energy & contains the 20 essential amino acids.  
  • THE BREADFRUIT: This SUPERFOOD grows abundantly on trees of the tropics.The fruit grows in a wide range of ecological conditions. Trees begin to bear fruits in 2-3 years, producing abundantly for decades.  It is a tree that feeds, and at the same time, serves as an excellent crop to capture CO2 and be eco-friendly. 
  • GROWN IN HAITI: We are based in the high mountains of Jacmel, Haiti. Our breadfruit flour is selected from sustainable farmers to provide you the very best nature has to offer! The breadfruit is a resilient and generous fruit that resists almost any weather condition here in the Caribbean. 
  • PERFECT FOR VEGANS: Preparing a fluffy and delicious vegan pancake or waffle is a breeze; use water and just replace the egg for ¼ cup of banana, and follow the rest of the instructions. Other egg substitutes are chia seeds, flax seeds and avocado. 



Energize your mornings with the Breadfruit Flour, for pancakes and waffles! 

You can create tasty, light and nutritious pancakes and waffles simply and easily. It offers an excellent source of fiber and is certified completely Gluten Free. Our exquisite and convenient flour alternative for all who long for a delicious, gluten-free and delicious meal. A quality product without preservatives, without added sugar or salt, with zero allergen alerts, Non-GMO's and Gluten-free, but specially made with love and conscience in the high Caribbean mountains of Jacmel, Haiti. Bon Appetite! 

Árbol De Pan, Fruta De Pan, Pan, Panapen, (Spanish)
Arbre À Pain, Fruit À Pain (French)
Beta (Vanuatu)
Bia, Bulo, Nimbalu (Solomon Islands)
Blèfoutou, Yovotévi (Bénin)
Breadfruit (English)
Brotfruchtbaum (German)
Broodvrucht, Broodboom (Dutch)
Cow, Panbwa, Pain Bois, Frutapan, And Fruta De Pan (Caribbean)
Fruta Pão, Pão De Massa (Portuguese)
Kapiak (Papua New Guinea)
Kuru (Cook Islands)
Mazapan (Guatemala, Honduras)
Meduu (Palau)
Mei, Mai (Federated States Of Micronesia, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Marquesas, Tonga, Tuvalu)
Mos (Kosrae)
Pana (Puerto Rico)
Rata Del (Sri Lanka)
Rimas (Philippines)
Shelisheli (Tanzania)
Sukun (Indonesia, Malaysia)
‘Ulu (Hawaii, Samoa, Rotuma, Tuvalu)
‘Uru (Society Islands)
Uto, Buco (Fiji)

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