Breadfruit Flour 100% Gluten Free

Breadfruit Flour Production

For those of us that are curious, breadfruit can be eaten during all stages of development. They are planted and harvested around Haiti, as well as the Caribbean. At week 0 is the flowering stage, where young fruit is produced. Young fruit will have the texture of artichoke. During 0-16 weeks is the immature stage, where the fruit development reaches a firm and rubbery texture. It’s perfect for vegetables in stir fry or various dishes.

Once the fruit has reached full size at 12-16 weeks, and it is not preferred by most consumers. It does not have the starchy characteristics that will make breadfruit flour. Lastly, breadfruit has reached maturity at 16-18 weeks, that is when it has developed a starchy staple for a smooth texture. It is commonly used in stews, curries, fries, and can then be turned into flour as it reaches half-ripe and ripe state. 

When it comes to breadfruit flour, milling operations can produce gluten free breadfruit flour using a retrofitted freight container dehydrator. With the increase for demand in gluten free flour, the foods can be replaced with starch and simple-sugar laden substitutes. You can also look to the Breadfruit Production Guide for further information about the rise of this gluten-free alternative fruit! 

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My daughter and I will be ordering some of your breadfruit flour, we are very excited to have found you! We have good several delicious dishes with the fruit itself but we’ve never used the flour, do you happen to have any good recipes to share? Thank you!

Susan Hoerner February 25, 2022

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