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The Best Testosterone Boosters for Men Over 50

The Best Testosterone Boosters for Men Over 50

Testosterone levels naturally decline as you age. While testosterone therapy can be an option, it has disadvantages as well. Some older men on testosterone therapy could face increased cardiac risks. You may be interested in natural testosterone boosters instead. Many over-the-counter (OTC) products make claims, but there is limited research to back them up. 

Before you buy a testosterone booster, learn about the role of testosterone and the risks and benefits of testosterone treatments. 

The Role of Testosterone in Men

Testosterone is the major sex hormone in men. It affects bodily functions including: 

  • Sperm production
  • Sex drive
  • Muscle strength and size
  • Deepening voice during puberty
  • Bone growth and strength
  • Growth of facial, body, and pubic hair in puberty
  • Development of the penis and testes
  • May play a role in hair loss later in life

Testosterone may play other important roles that we don't know about yet. Your ideal level of testosterone is difficult to calculate. Levels can vary over time and even over a single day. 

Testosterone declines with age, but it is a slow decline. Testosterone decreases 1% to 2% per year. More than 33% of men over 45 may have lower than normal testosterone levels. Symptoms of low testosterone may include:  

Can Supplements Boost Testosterone?

Several different types of supplements claim to increase your testosterone levels. The results are mixed. Some of these supplements include: 

D-Aspartic Acid. D-Aspartic Acid is a natural amino acid. A recent study found that it may increase levels of follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone. Both of these may stimulate the body to release more testosterone.

However, a subsequent study showed that taking 3 grams of D-aspartic acid did not affect testosterone levels. Taking 6 grams actually reduced levels. 

Zinc. Zinc is an essential mineral for your healthy body function. Zinc deficiency has been linked to low testosterone levels. Zinc may promote testosterone production in the testes. Long-term zinc supplementation may lead to increased testosterone levels.

Magnesium. Taking magnesium as a supplement has been shown to increase free and total testosterone values. This may work for both sedentary people and athletes. Keep in mind that people who exercise had higher testosterone increases.

Vitamin D. Your body naturally produces Vitamin D when your skin is exposed to sunlight. However, people who don't have much exposure to sunlight may be deficient in vitamin D. In a year-long study, 65 men who took 3300 IU of vitamin D daily increased their testosterone levels by 20% over those who didn't.

Other Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone

Supplements aren't the only way to boost your testosterone levels naturally. Several lifestyle interventions may boost your testosterone and better your overall health, including: 

Exercise. Exercise can increase your testosterone. The best types of exercise to increase your testosterone levels are weightlifting and high-intensity interval training (HIIT).  Lifting heavy weights is the best exercise to increase testosterone levels.

Building muscle mass triggers the body to produce testosterone. By contrast, endurance exercises like cycling for hours or running marathons can actually reduce your testosterone level.  

Maintain a healthy weight.  If you are obese, you are four times more likely to benefit from testosterone replacement than non-obese men. Obesity is directly linked to low testosterone levels. Aging 10 years increases your odds of having low testosterone by 36%, but a 4-inch increase in waist size may increase your chances by up to 75%. 

Get enough sleep. Sleep is essential for your good health. A consistent lack of good-quality sleep can interfere with your natural testosterone production. It can also lead to weight gain. This can further reduce your testosterone production.  

Reduce stress. Stress causes your levels of cortisol to rise. Cortisol is a hormone that works against your testosterone. When your cortisol rises, your testosterone falls. Increased cortisol levels can also cause you to overeat. This can increase your weight and further reduce your testosterone. 

Clearly, stress can reduce your testosterone level in several ways. Find positive ways to manage stress, and you may naturally increase your testosterone.   

Penis of blood VS penis of flesh: can we guess the size of the penis?

Penis of blood VS penis of flesh: can we guess the size of the penis?

Penis of blood VS penis of flesh: the point on the size of the penis

30% of men think their penis is small. And besides, this impression can even go as far as a complex of small size, with in some men, real psychological repercussions.

In reality, explains Gilbert Bou Jaoudé, “ most men who consult because they find their penis too small actually have a penis of normal size. Only, they have an erroneous view of the average size of the penis . 

In fact, we learn later that in these men, who consult for a small penis complex, the discomfort comes mainly from the size of the penis at rest; not the size of the erect penis 

So how do you explain this difference in flaccid and erect size? Why do some men find their penis normal when erect, but too small when flaccid? Isn't the gain in erect penis size proportional to flaccid penis size? 

We explain to you.

What does flaccid penis size depend on?

The flaccid penis size does not really depend on the actual size of the penis. In fact, it depends on several factors, and in particular on 2 factors.

Microscopic muscles are found between the skin of the penis and the penis, which are called subcutaneous smooth muscle fibers (under the skin). These muscle fibers have the ability to contract, and when this happens, naturally, the penis is pushed inside the body. It thus decreases in size and circumference.

Another thing to know: the blood circulation inside the penis is so important that it is made up of 90% blood. If the arteries and muscles that surround the arteries in the penis contract, for various reasons, the blood inside the penis empties; there too, the volume of the penis decreases and retracts into the body. 

So, in reality, flaccid penis size depends primarily on things that are not directly related to true penis size. 

Situations where the penis is “pushed” inside the body

There are mainly 2 situations where the penis can be forced to retract inside the body, Gilbert Bou Jaoudé teaches us.  The first situation where the penis can be forced to retract is any situation of stress or fear. For example, fear or a small complex can lead to stress. However, under the effect of stress, the muscles which surround the arteries of the penis contract, which causes the retraction of the penis. ” 

In this example, it is mainly the fear of having a small penis , which is at the origin of the small flaccid penis size. The other situation is well known to men, it is cold. 

Under the effect of the cold, all the muscles of the body contract, regardless of the skin area. So the cold also causes the muscles around the arteries of the penis to contract, and therefore, the retraction of the penis at rest. 

Blood penis VS flesh penis 

There are two types of penis, depending on the ratio between its flaccid size and its erect size: the blood penis (grower, "increase" or grow" in English) and the flesh penis ("shower", "the one which shows, which is displayed”). 

The Blood Penis 

Typically, a blood penis is a penis that is quite small when flaccid. On the other hand, it is able to double in size (or even more) and in circumference when it is erect! So, as we saw earlier, flaccid penis size can sometimes be misleading. 

Stress and temperature can influence penis size; but a penis of blood, for example, shows a great elastic capacity, which explains the large difference in size between its state at rest and its state in erection. 

In fact, this type of penis has more cavities to receive blood flow than the flesh penis. However, nothing predicts in advance if we are in front of a penis of blood or flesh!

The penis of flesh 

At first glance, this type of penis is considered to be of adequate flaccid size. But unlike the blood penis, its size hardly moves when erect: what changes is mainly the rigidity. 

It has fewer cavities than the blood penis and can therefore contain less blood; which explains why its size changes little at rest. 

Can you guess penis size?

There is only one physical criterion that is correlated to the size of the penis at flaccid and erect: it is the abdomen. This is because the larger the abdomen, the more likely the penis will look small, simply because it 's buried in abdominal fat .

We sometimes speak of buried penis syndrome , in overweight people, but it can also be a congenital malformation that affects the child at birth. In children, treatment will be surgical.

In adult men, it is enough to lose a little weight for the size of the penis to return to its normal size. 

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Flesh penis VS blood penis: what to remember

As you have understood, the size of the penis at rest depends on several factors indirectly related to the true size of the penis: stress, fear, anxiety, temperature changes... The penis undergoes both its external environment, but also factors psychological. 

Also, many men think flaccid penis size reflects erect penis size; that is, the size of the erect penis would be proportional to the size of the flaccid penis. 

And that too is not necessarily true! Because as we have seen, it rather depends on the number of cavities present in the penis that can receive the blood flow. Thus, a penis of blood is able to gain more size than a penis of flesh which was nevertheless larger at rest. 

Whether they have a blood penis or a flesh penis, all men can suffer from erectile dysfunction . The type of penis is not a predisposing factor, don't worry. If you suffer from an erection problem, do not hesitate to consult a doctor who can set up an appropriate therapy and perhaps recommend that you buy viagra or buy Cialis , on prescription in pharmacies, depending on your situation.

Similarly, premature ejaculation is not more common in one type of penis than in the other. If you suffer from it, do not buy a medicine for early without prescription , but rather go to consult a doctor who can accompany you effectively and safely towards recovery.

Finally, if you are concerned about the size of the penis, do not hesitate to reassure yourself and talk to a sex therapist: most of the time, men have a completely normal penis!


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