Moringa tea

Start The Morning With Moringa Tea

You cannot do better than fix yourself a hot cup of tea made from the nutritious leaves of Moringa oleifera. Also known as the drumstick or horseradish tea, this plant is well known for its nutritious value and believed to hold the cure for close to 300 odd diseases. While you are free to utilize every single part of this magnificent tree, the tea can help to keep you energized and looking forward to the day.

How to make Moringa tea?

It is essential to take a handful of fresh leaves off the Moringa plant and dry them in the usual way, keeping them at room temperature. Shred them properly or crush them or simply grind the dried leaves into a fine powder. You might also want to create a few tea bags by stuffing them with the powdered leaves. Steep the bag into boiling water for a minute or two before drinking the invigorating drink full of vitamins and minerals. You do not have to be put off by the long process and difficulty of getting fresh leaves though. Simply opt for an organic product from Zest Of Moringa and enjoy the feeling as you sip on the hot, piping tea every morning.

Taste of Moringa Tea

Well, you surely cannot expect it to taste like the conventional black tea or the best green tea available in the market. You will be surprised to find that there is no bitter after taste associated with The Moringa leaf or flower tea though. On the contrary, the taste can be associated with an earthy flavour with the hue of the tea being faintly greenish.

Benefits of Moringa Tea

Enjoy umpteen benefits of the tea that does not merely stem from an ancient belief but have been supported by scientific facts. You will be pleased to find your digestion improve vastly while the painful inflammations come down considerably. Your energy increases by leaps and bounds thereby boosting your brain power substantially.

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